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Dry Eye Syndrome

Are your eyes constantly red, itchy, burning, and watery? You may have dry eye syndrome.

This condition, caused by a lack of lubricating tears, can be relieved with eye drops or with technologically advanced treatments.

Learn how the board-certified ophthalmologists at Mills Eye + Facial Surgery in Pensacola, FL, can expertly diagnose and treat dry eyes.

Are Dry Eyes Common?

Dry eye syndrome is not a rare condition, so don’t feel like you are suffering alone.

Check out this statistic regarding dry eyes from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

Dry eye statistic

Think You Might Have Dry Eye Syndrome? Mills Eye + Facial Surgery Can Help

The state-of-the-art dry eye clinic at our high-end Pensacola, FL, eye care practice is dedicated specifically to the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and the vision problems it can cause.

Board-certified ophthalmologists David Mills , along with our esteemed optometrist Wes Mayes can offer you effective, personalized dry eye relief using prescription eye drops or advanced LipiFlow® heated eyelid massage therapy.

Scratchy, watery, burning eyes can affect your vision and make you feel miserable. Set up a consultation today at our Pensacola, FL, eye care practice using our simple online form or by giving us a call, because no one should live their life in tears.

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Ophthalmologist David Mills
Ophthalmologist David Mills

5-Star Google Reviews for Our Dry Eye Treatments "No more redness and no hurting, even by the end of the day!"


Mary Uchiyama


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I have very dry eyes that were often red and hurt.  I was referred to Dr. Mayes for a treatment called Lipiflow.  I am so pleased with the results. No more redness and no hurting, even by the end of the day! Dr. Mayes has been fabulous. All the staff are caring and professional. I would encourage anyone to go to this clinic for any eye problems.

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Debbie Sanders


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Thank God for mills eye center! After being told there was no HOPE for my condition( dry eyes) I have found dr. Mayes and Joseph and Len! I dont feel HOPELESS anymore for they are trying things that have never even been Discussed with me after 3 years of chronic dry eye due to an autoimmune disease called SJOGRENS, they are truly fulfilling the HIPPOCRATIC oath!!!

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It’s Just a Little Dryness...
So What Could Happen If I Don’t Get Treatment?

Dry eye syndrome rarely gets better on its own, and if you don’t seek treatment, severe vision issues could develop:

Eye Ulcers

A corneal ulcer is a painful, open sore on the surface of the eye.

Corneal Scarring

Corneal scar tissue can be caused by abrasions.

Infection/Vision Loss

Although it is rare, an infection caused by dryness could lead to impaired vision or blindness.

Do not ignore the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye when you can find reliable relief at Mills Eye + Facial Surgery clinic in Pensacola.

Before and After Dry Eye Treatments

Before dry eye treatment
After dry eye treatment

Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Our relaxing and modern dry eye clinic features the newest, most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to reduce dry eye issues. Think of it as a spa for your eyes. At Mills Eye + Facial Surgery, we proudly offer the FDA-approved LipiView® and LipiFlow systems to help our dry eye patients feel better and see clearer:
The LipiView system


LipiView is a high-tech computer program that uses a digital camera to detect signs of disease or damage in the glands under your eyelids. It also analyzes the tear film that covers your corneas. This painless, five-minute process simply involves looking into the camera and blinking normally. If you are diagnosed with dry eyes, we can use the data to create a personalized treatment plan.

A patient undergoing LipiFlow treatment


LipiFlow is a 20-minute MGD treatment that uses soothing heat and gentle massaging action to open blocked oil glands under your eyelids. A mechanized eyepiece placed over your closed eyes performs the massage, which many of our patients find comforting and relaxing. Once the glands are unblocked, natural tear production can resume, providing your eyes with the lubricating moisture they need to function properly. The effects of this treatment can last for years, you no longer have to buy expensive eye drops, and wearing contact lenses becomes more comfortable.

Does LipiFlow Really Work?

Yes! Many of our dry eye patients experience symptom relief and improved meibomian gland function within two weeks after undergoing LipiFlow treatment. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of this effective treatment during your consultation.

Close-up of a woman's eyes

Is LipiFlow Covered by Insurance?

We will happily check your insurance plan for you but generally, LipiFlow is not covered by insurance. Contact Mills Eye + Facial Surgery for exact pricing and financing options that can make out-of-pocket costs easier to manage. We believe everyone should be entitled to quality eye care and improved comfort regardless of budgetary limitations.

Don’t Live with Itchy, Burning Eyes

Contact Mills Eye + Facial Surgery in Pensacola, FL, today to meet with one of our skilled ophthalmologists or our esteemed optometrist. We can show you how your dry eye symptoms can be relieved and quite possibly, eliminated.

We Love to Hear from Our Happy Patients

"Excellent in every way." Jerry Hooker
David M. Mills, MD, FACS, and Wes Mayes, OD

Mills Eye + Facial Surgery

Mills Eye + Facial Surgery is a premier oculoplastic practice offering advanced surgical options and effective, non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Our surgeon, David M. Mills, MD, FACS, has won several prestigious awards and is affiliated with various organizations: 

  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons

Together with Wes Mayes, OD, Dr. Mills is proud to provide state-of-the-art ophthalmology and optometry to the Pensacola community. To discuss your goals with our doctors, request an appointment online or call us at (850) 266-7500.

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