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Cataract Surgery Cost

When the lens in your eye gets cloudy, it's called a cataract, which can blur vision, cause glare from lights, and possibly, blindness.

Many people put off cataract surgery, which can restore their vision, because of worries about cost and insurance coverage.

At Mills Eye + Facial Surgery of Pensacola, FL, our surgeons discuss how cataract surgery costs and coverage varies by patient.

Will Medical Insurance Cover Cataract Surgery?
Yes, As Long As You Meet Certain Requirements

Follow these tips from the surgeons at our ophthalmology practice to make you sure you are getting as much coverage as possible and avoid surprise expenses. Our team can also assist you with reaching out to your insurance provider and making sure you understand the costs of treatment.

Undergo Diagnostic Testing

Patients must meet one of three criteria when seeking coverage from insurance companies. Our surgeons provide the appropriate diagnostic testing and measurements using state-of-the-art equipment at our office. The results of these tests enable us to determine if we think the patient will qualify for coverage under pre-established criteria.

Confirm Coverage from Your Insurance Provider

Prior to agreeing to surgery, we recommend that patients reach out to their insurance provider directly to find out what kind of coverage they can expect if they undergo cataract surgery. We will provide you with your test results and the medical code you need to relay to your provider. Then, your insurance company can let you know if coverage is available, whether it be full, partial, or no coverage.

Confirm Out-of-Pocket Costs with Your Insurance Carrier

In addition, we recommend asking your insurance provider what your portion of the costs will be so there are no surprise bills. The amount of coverage is determined by the contract patients have with their insurance carrier; our practice has nothing to do with determining this number. Getting an accurate out-of-pocket quote from your insurance provider is critical before proceeding with surgery.

What Is Typically Covered by Insurance?

The patient's insurance policy is major factor in the cost of surgery. The patient's cost is based on the agreement they have with their carrier. In most cases, providers will cover all or most of the standard costs of treatment, including surgery to remove the clouded lens and placement of a monofocal IOL.

Can I Get Low-Cost Cataract Surgery?

Our surgeons rarely perform self-pay cataract surgeries because by the time patients require surgery, medical insurance or Medicare typically covers all or most of the cost. This means that when people undergo traditional cataract surgery with a standard lens replacement, the out-of-pocket cost can be as low as zero.

Add-On Costs Increase the Price of Treatment

There are additional out-of-pocket costs that a patient may incur if they elect to incorporate materials and techniques that are not covered by insurance into their surgical plan.

Technique Add-On Cost
Limbal Relaxing Incisions $250-500 per eye 
Toric Intraocular Lenses $750-1,000 per eye 
Premium Intraocular Lenses $2,000-2,500 per eye

They do make toric versions of premium lenses if you want a premium lens for more range of focus but also need astigmatism correction.

We have videos from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and printed material handouts from IOL companies that provide further information about these advanced and elective options.

If you need astigmatism incisions or LASIK performed at our state-of-the-art surgical center to improve your vision along with your replacement lens, those fees will be included in the price of the premium lens replacement. Other practices may charge you extra for these procedures.

Types of Intraocular Lenses

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Basic IOLs

A basic monofocal replacement lens, known as an IOL, can only improve one field of your vision at a time. Many of our cataract surgery patients still need to buy and wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses after receiving a basic lens to drive, read, watch TV, or do computer work, as well as correct astigmatisms caused by misshapen corneas. This basic lens is covered by insurance.

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Premium IOLs

Premium lens implants are multifocal, meaning they can correct near, far, and mid-vision problems all at once. This can eliminate the need and cost for eyeglasses or contact lenses after your cataract removal surgical procedure. Our surgeons can even fit you with customized premium lenses that correct astigmatism. Premium lenses are not covered by insurance, but the extra cost is totally worth it to free yourself of prescription eyewear.

I Need Cataract Surgery But the Cost Worries Me... Can I Live with a Cataract?

You can not put a price on having healthy eyes and clear vision. If you want to see clearly again, or don't want your impaired vision to get worse or disappear completely, it's important to schedule a cataract surgery consultation with our highly-respected ophthalmology team at Mills Eye + Facial Surgery in Pensacola, FL. You also should consider this statistic regarding cataracts and blindness from the Noble Vision Group.

"After having surgery here my sight is better than I could have imagined." Warren Blount - 2020
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