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Wrinkles and other age-related changes can affect the appearance of your face and make you feel older and self-conscious

Dr. David Mills can perform facelift surgery at our Pensacola, FL, practice to turn back the clock and minimize the visible signs of aging.

Discover how facelift surgery can restore a more youthful appearance and natural confidence...

Look and Feel Younger with a Facelift

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A facelift can rejuvenate your appearance and restore younger-looking features.

Why Choose Dr. Mills

Dr. Mills specializes in cosmetic and restorative procedures to enhance the functionality and appearance of your eyes and face. He is highly trained and experienced in the field, and he is affiliated with the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

A Unique Surgical Approach

Dr. Mills and the team at our Pensacola, FL, practice, believe there is no one-size-fits-all plastic surgery. Every person has unique aspects of their appearance that should be maintained and enhanced. Dr. Mills' approach to cosmetic surgery will not change the fundamentals of your appearance but can help restore the definition and tone of your younger years. We take into account your skin quality, texture, features, and bone structure to curate a facelift surgery that produces optimal enhancement and natural-looking results.

Complete, Natural Improvement

A standard full-facelift targets the neck, jaw, and cheeks areas that are especially prone to sagging and lost definition The entire lower face and cheek area can be lifted and tightened, treating jowls and smoothing lines around the mouth and nose. Our goal is to provide comprehensive enhancement so one area of the face does not look significantly tighter than another. Therefore Dr. Mills tends to avoid mini-facelifts that only target the lower half of the face, and can leave the eyes and brows looking aged. 

Contact Our Practice

If the signs of aging have started to decrease your self-confidence, it may be time to consider a facelift. Dr. Mills is happy to answer all of your questionsprovide his expert recommendations, and offer individualized care. The team at Mill Eye + Facial Surgery provides stunning outcomes that leave our patients in the Pensacola, FL, region satisfied for the decades to come. Please contact our practice today to schedule your consultation, either online or by phone:

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Dr. David Mills
Dr. David Mills

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Very caring and knowledgeable folks. Professional. It’s nice to know that a health profession goes above and beyond in their care of others. Outstanding.
Kudos especially to Lynn.

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This office and its staff are truly amazing!!!   Dr. Mills is very caring,  compassionate and  knowledgeable!   I'm grateful to have him as a physician!!!

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View Our Amazing Results  Facelift Before and After Photos 

Before facelift surgery
After facelift surgery
In addition to a full facelift, this patient received a brow lift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery. The results are dramatic, yet natural-looking, providing a balanced youthful definition to the entire face. 

How Patients Describe Their Experience...

"I was so pleased to find Dr. Mills--he is both an ocular and plastic surgeon, particularly well-credentialed. The experience was amazing--he listens well, explains everything and is incredibly skilled and caring. I am so happy I did..." Satisfied Patient (2019)

​What Is the Facelift Procedure?

Time, gravity, and environmental elements can be destructive to the skin and underlying facial structure. A facelift is a unique cosmetic surgery that corrects these visible signs of aging by removing excess skin and fat deposits, and tightening the underlying muscle tissue. At your initial consultation at our Pensacola practice, board-certified surgeon David M. Mills will discuss your goals and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. 

The Benefits of a Facelift

Achieve a More Youthful Appearance

The most important benefit of a facelift procedure is the ability to reverse the most obvious signs of aging. Dr. Mills uses advanced techniques to eliminate creases, jowls, and sagging to smooth the skin and restore youthful contours. It is not uncommon for patients to look ten years younger after surgery. 

Improve Your Self-Confidence

The signs of aging not only affect how you look; it can also significantly impact your self-confidence. While patients should have realistic expectations going into a facelift procedure, the results can drastically improve your quality of life and overall self-esteem

Customize Your Surgery

Dr. Mills can combine other cosmetic procedures such as an eye lift, brow lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, and liposuction to achieve comprehensive results and adequately target all your areas of concern. We will discuss your cosmetic goals and tailor treatment to meet your needs. 

Enhance Aesthetics in the Long-Term

While injectable fillers can provide temporary anti-aging benefits, no procedure improves the contours of your bone structure and addresses excess skin like a facelift. The results are much more permanent, providing lasting cosmetic enhancement for years to come.

The Procedure Timeline 

Here is a general outline of the facelift procedure at our Pensacola surgical practice.
Using a high degree of artistry, we resculpt the tissues to revive sunken areas and better define your bone structure.
Using a high degree of artistry, we resculpt the tissues to revive sunken areas and better define your bone structure.


It is our practice to perform facelifts with intravenous (IV) sedation, rather than general anesthesia. IV sedation is safer and more economical while leaving you in a comfortable, dreamlike state during the operation. You will feel no pain and retain little or no memory of the procedure.


For the surgery, Dr. Mills is careful to place incisions that remain hidden or difficult to detect after healing is complete. The incisions are typically made in the hairline and along the back of the ear. In some cases, an additional incision is made beneath the chin to perform a neck lift.


Through these access points, we tighten the underlying facial musicals and redistribute fat. Using a high degree of artistry, we resculpt the tissues to address sunken areas and better define your bone structure. Our plastic surgeon pulls back and redrapes the skin, trimming away any excess. We may also perform skin resurfacing to improve overall texture and tone

Additional Procedures

Depending upon your case, Dr. Mills may use facial liposuction to remove any unwanted fatty tissue. Our plastic surgeon can also provide neck lift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery to better target sagging underneath the chin, the eyebrows, and eyelids. Some patients also choose to insert a chin, cheek, or jaw implant to achieve the defined bone structure they naturally lack.

Finishing Touches

Our plastic surgeon then closes the incisions with stitches or sutures. We may place a surgical tube in the neck region to help drain excess fluids in the first day or two after the operation. The surgery generally takes about four hours and can be performed on an in-patient or out-patient basis. 

Recovering from Plastic Surgery

Initial Hands-On Care

​A facelift or neck lift is a surgical procedure that requires a week or two of downtime to recover from the operation. You will need a friend or family member to drive you home and assist you with hands-on care in the first few days after surgery

Side Effects

Expect some pain, swelling, and bruising, especially in the first week after the operation. Our plastic surgeon will provide medication and detailed instructions on mitigating pain and other side effects. While most people can return to work in about two weeks after surgery, refrain from anything more than light physical activity for about a month.

Healing and Final Results

It typically takes two to three months for the face to begin feeling back to normal. Patients will start to see their results when the swelling and bruising subside. Everyone recovers differently, so it is important to attend your follow-up appointments at our Pensacola office to ensure you are healing properly. While it can take up to a year for the final results to become apparent, you will see lasting rejuvenation for well over a decade.  

David M. Mills, MD, FACS, and Wes Mayes, OD

Mills Eye + Facial Surgery

Mills Eye + Facial Surgery is a premier oculoplastic practice offering advanced surgical options and effective, non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Our surgeon, David M. Mills, MD, FACS, has won several prestigious awards and is affiliated with various organizations: 

  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons

Together with Wes Mayes, OD, Dr. Mills is proud to provide state-of-the-art ophthalmology and optometry to the Pensacola community. To discuss your goals with our doctors, request an appointment online or call us at (850) 266-7500.

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